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When “party cloudy and a chance of rain” isn’t good enough for your industry or event…

About Us

RM Weather Consultants has over 16 years of extensive forecast experience helping businesses, communities, and government agencies prepare for dangerous storms and weather conditions.  Our AMS Certified Consultant Meteorologists have Masters Degrees in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, specializing in winter and severe storms, on-site weather support, and emergency preparedness.


Weather Services

RM Weather Consultants meets the needs of critical decision makers through accurate daily and weekly forecasts, monthly and seasonal outlooks, internet briefings, on-site weather support, weather alerts, case reconstruction, and emergency response. Whether you need a one time forecast, or many, we have solutions covering a variety of phenomenon from extreme winter and severe storms to climate change.

Industries We Help

RM Weather Consultants are focused on delivering accurate weather forecasts and solutions to a number of industries associated with agriculture, energy, commerce, emergency response, TV and Film, legal and insurance claims, weather risk planning, construction, aviation, marine, outdoor events, and government agencies. We guarantee our  forecasts will be accurate, ensuring the safety and success of your company or event.